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microsoft outlook 2019
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection
Sampling and observational studies Video transcript – [Instructor] What I want to do in this video is think about the types of questions that we need statistics to address and the types of questions that we don’t need statistics to address. And we could call the ones where we need statistics as statistical questions, statistical… Read More »

QI Macros 2010.9

QI Macros for Excel There are tons of statistical tools that can you can use on your data sets and it makes things like correlation analysis a breeze. Cons Where to begin They include a 2 page description of some of the tools on their website but that is about it. With over 50 tools… Read More »

Windows Firewall Control

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 have already a built in default, free and powerfull firewalls, but unfortunately, they lack a simple interface to define own simple rules and can be difficult sometimes to configure them the right way. And here comes to help you, Windows Firewall Control, which is a small, intuitive and easy… Read More »

A Powerful And Fast Thumbnail Viewer

There’s nothing unnecessary in here. With Placeit’s Youtube thumbnail maker, design your images in seconds using pre-made customizable templates. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in Why you need to download and install Thumbnail Maker on your device for… Read More »