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K-ML 4.8.433

Structure factors or structural coordinates obtained from the crystal of SM3 antibody bound to an epitope can be used to design mimics of the antibody or epitope. Such mimics can be used in the diagnosis or therapy of cancer. The MUCl epithelial mucin is a transmembrane glycoprotein with the extracellular domain made up largely of… Read More »

A Lightweight Utility Which Lets You Play SWF And FLV Videos

History[ edit ] The small company FutureWave Software originally defined the file format with one primary objective: The original naming of SWF came out of Macromedia’s desire to capitalize on the well-known Macromedia Shockwave brand; Macromedia Director produced Shockwave files for the end user, so the files created by their newer Flash product tried to… Read More »