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Switzerland — Tel: Data protection software for any sized environment; Global B2B business-to-business and B2C business-to-consumer Competitors: NovaStor is a leading international provider of software solutions for data protection and availability. NovaStor provides software, SaaS solutions and services for local and online backup, restore and retention of business-critical data.
Download NovaBACKUP Business Essentials® 2019 latest free version

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Switzerland — Tel: Data protection software for any sized environment; Global B2B business-to-business and B2C business-to-consumer Competitors: NovaStor is a leading international provider of software solutions for data protection and availability. NovaStor provides software, SaaS solutions and services for local and online backup, restore and retention of business-critical data. Clients include home, mobile, and SMB users, service providers as well as international corporations. However, the installation process for all flavors of the backup software is similar and the steps detailed herein will be sufficient to guide users through the installation process for the other versions for single workstations, servers and virtual machines.

To download the trial version of the software, users must click on the download button available on the Download page of the website against the appropriate version of the software.

Users who decide to buy the software after the trial will receive an activation link via email after payment of the requisite charges to NovaStor. The activation key code must be entered at the appropriate input box after purchase in order to activate the product.

Upon double clicking the installation file, the first screen prompts the user to select a language. After viewing the welcome screen and accepting the terms of license, the user can proceed to install a typical or custom version of the software. Typical is the recommended option for novice users. Custom installation may be attempted by expert users. The whole process takes a few minutes with an option to cancel the installation at any point of the installation process.

On clicking Finish in the final screen of the wizard, the setup is complete and users can choose to launch the software immediately. If you have obtained a license for the software, the key code may have to be entered by clicking the Add Key Code button. For trial versions of the software, a day license key is automatically input into the relevant text box on the screen. The user must then click OK to complete the registration process. Using NovaStor for Backup and Recovery A central dashboard with a simple and advanced view , is available for a quick view of the status of backup and recovery or to access to the different parts of the application interface.

They can access the backup, restore, copy and DR Wizard or quickly access the online storage. The major utilities for running a job, opening a job folder, importing media or invoking the virus scanner for update can be done from the dashboard interface. The interface itself can be reduced to the basic functions of data protection by switching to a Simple View. The Estimator Tool This is a useful utility that is made available to NovaStor users who would like to know how much space they will be consuming with each backup or copy operation on their backup media.

This tool is accessible by clicking on the copy or backup menu item available on the dashboard screen. Users will have to select the files and folders they plan to backup and click on the estimator tool to provide them with an estimate of the amount of space that the backup job will use up. Fig 2 Backup Wizard The backup wizard interface is designed for all types of users.

The user may be a complete novice, keen to just backup and the C: Returning users will find that they do not have to make a re-selection of the files and folders to backup, if they have wisely saved the backup as a job.

All they need to do is to invoke the previously saved job, and the backup wizard will do everything that needs to be done. Fig 3 If the user chooses to manually select all the files and folders to be backed up, a Windows Explorer window opens with all the files and folders displayed in a hierarchical tree. The user can navigate the tree and select the specific files and folders that make up the backup job and click on Next at the bottom of the screen to initiate the backup process.

Fig 4 Each backup job can be given a unique identifying name. To restart the backup job, the user can begin the job by selecting the job name from the list of backup jobs which becomes instantly available on the backup wizard database. The user must also consciously decide whether the new backup job must be saved as a new version or overwrite the existing backup of the files and folders already saved under the same job name in the storage repository.

If this is to be a new version, the user must inform the wizard whether the newly initiated backup mode must be a backup that is Full, Incremental, Differential, or a Snapshot. Fig 5 Before clicking the Next button, the user must specify where the backup must be stored. If the user has signed up for online storage, the online drive can be selected for the purposes of the backup. An entirely new folder with a unique name can be created for containing the files and folders in the backup to distinguish it from similar backups that may happen in the future or have already happened in the past.

The next screen prompts the user to select all or one or more of the several options available to the user. The user can choose to use Software Compression and obtain a verification report on the state and quality of backup after the completion of the process. The user can also enable open file backup and virus scanning with specific action settings for dealing with infected files.

Fig 6 A backup job can be an immediate backup, a one-time backup, a regularly recurring backup, or can be scheduled to kick start during a predefined backup window. While Run Now will kick start the backup on closing the Wizard, Minute will result in continuous backup. The other options will schedule the backups to specified time frames. The backup scheduling can be performed as a Logged in User or as a Specific User. The latter will be authenticated before the backup schedule is accepted, and one must input credentials for the purpose.

The status of the backup job is visually displayed in the next screen by a horizontal progress bar in the next screen. The status of the job is also updated on the dashboard and is visible on the top left column of the screen, along with details of backup jobs scheduled for different times of the day, week or month.

Copy Wizard The Copy Wizard is intended to ease the task of creating and automating copies of files and folders. The copy process is similar to the backup process, and the wizard screens are the same. However, the copy wizard may be used to create a limited set of files and folders for collaboration or to share with employees or third parties, who otherwise do not have access to such information without compromising the mission-critical data of the enterprise.

Advanced Settings for Backup and Copy The advanced settings for backup and copy can be accessed from the menu bar by clicking on the Backup or Copy tab. The advanced settings button is available as a button at the bottom of the screen that appears on clicking the Backup or Copy tab. This screen contains a number of options to set up rights and permissions for users with reference to the backup job being created.

Users can choose one or more of the options to optimize the backup. The backup set can be compressed to save on space. Also, the backup can be verified for defects after completion.

In addition, backup security and permissions can be set. If the backup is the backup of a database, the system can be forced to ensure that the database is backed up in full mode. Drive letter management can be enabled and open file backup can be set as automatic. Under advanced settings, users can create Chunked backups of 1 to 4 GB or refuse to chunk the data that is being backed up.

Fig 7 The other tabs visible on this screen indicate that the users can apply filters, initiate encryption, choose to be notified, invoke virus scans, run the backup as a specified or logged in user, or create custom commands that run before or after the backup job.

Restore Wizard The restore wizard can be activated by clicking on the Restore Wizard link on the advanced or simple dashboard view or by clicking on the Restore menu option on the menu bar. The menu option Restore screen contains an Import button and the Settings button, which are absent from the Wizard screen that opens on clicking upon the Restore Wizard link on the dashboard.

Fig 8 The import option allows the user to import files from any network drive or device for restoration on the machine from which the wizard is being invoked. The restoration can also be incremental, full, or additional incremental for database restores.

Users can also create filters, enable virus scans, run the restoration as the logged in user or a specific user and create custom commands for restoration that may be set to run before or after the restoration is complete. Users can also choose to be notified on the restoration operation. Fig 9 The restore screen is available in two modes — the Time Mode and the Device Mode to facilitate restoration on basis of time stamps or device.

Disaster Recovery Wizard Disaster recovery is an important element in data protection. NovaStor offers a Disaster Recovery Wizard as one of its features. The wizard screens guide the user through the process of creating a set of files and folders that are considered essential for disaster recovery by the organization. Fig 10 These mission-critical files and folders can be stored on a partition of the hard drive, on any popular storage device or can be stored on a network drive..

On selecting the appropriate media button, a colorful Disaster Recovery Wizard screen pops up. Users can choose to run a full image or differential image for disaster recovery purposes. They can schedule a disaster recovery script or create a boot media using this wizard.

Additionally, they may also invoke a restore operation or a backup verification process. The backup or differential backup wizard initializes all existing backups and displays the data in file view or archive view.

Users can select the appropriate files and folders for disaster recovery from the list of files in tree view or from the files available in the different disks, partitions, or network-based archives.

They can back up any combination of hard disks and network devices. Fig 11 The total space required for the backup of the selected objects for backup is displayed at the bottom of the screen in a yellow box.

The option to change backup settings is recommended only for advanced users. The next screen prompts the user to select the destination for backup. Once the above parameters have been specified, the wizard requires the user to enter reasons for the backup and then select when the backup operation is to be performed. Fig 13 The last screen of this wizard is an overview of the backup options selected by the user on the Disaster Recovery Wizard screens.

Upon clicking Next, the wizard initiates the backup if the user has elected to Backup Now, or waits in readiness to kick start at the time specified in the backup script. Users must complete a separate sign up process and select their storage vendor. The NovaStor Offsite Backup Center screen that appears on clicking the Online Storage button on the dashboard details why users will benefit from signing up with a NovaStor-certified backup service provider.

The form that is available at the bottom screen enables NovaStor to understand the user requirements and recommends service providers who can best meet the needs of the customer. Such hybrid solution ability to backup offsite to a professionally managed data center and locally to an onsite storage device- is one of the best features in the industry today. NovaStor recommends choosing one of its certified online storage providers for offsite backup services.

NovaStor makes its case for online backup using one of its partners by pointing out its features: The software is robust and thoughtfully constructed to meet the different requirements of its customers. Onsite and offsite backup, storage and recovery can be all be accessed from a single interface.

The wizards are simple to use and even a novice user will find the process of sign up, backup, storage, and recovery a breeze. However, they have diversified their portfolio by adding hybrid solutions. It is worth noticing how they seamlessly integrate their desktop software to an online backup service the user chooses.

NovaStor partners with international providers, with advanced technological infrastructures to provide secure online storage services to their customers. NovaStor has a very strong management team.

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NovaBACKUP Business Essentials: (Download) The CMon software is completely free. Download your copy today. Added support for Windows Server and Fall Windows 10 patch; New feature to show the. Download NovaBACKUP Business Essentials free. Server backup for NovaBACKUP Business Essentials , August 18, – Latest Version. Free to try NovaStor Windows XP//Vista/Server /7/8/10 Version Full Specs Get NovaBackup Business Essentials for $!.

NovaBACKUP Business Essentials 18.7.1723

From NovaStor: If you use a business server, you know how important it is to keep critical files backed up. Unless you have a technical background, it’s often difficult to set up and manage your own backup rotations. Many small business owners either end up paying an IT company too much, or managing incomplete backup solutions by themselves.

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Securely protects files, databases, emails, shared images, shared media files, documents and all system information from a single solution. Get full, incremental, and differential backups, plus Disaster Recovery image backups for complete system restores, even to dissimilar hardware. With best-in-class granular mailbox restore for Microsoft Exchange, you can recover entire mailboxes or individual emails.

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The LinkStation SoHo is bundled with NovaBACKUP Buffalo Edition, the best single-server and PC backup software for servers and workstations, along with free. Download NovaBACKUP is a reliable, award-winning data backup and recovery Last Update: April 12, Views: Download Business Essentials Edition. Our round-up of some of the latest tech, services and apps that The new version of NovaBACKUP Business Essentials offers file Cloud-based ecommerce platform Actinic Online, has launched a free add-on application to integrate Once ZAPP has been downloaded, users are asked a short series of .

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