AKVIS SmartMask 3.0

By | 23.10.2019

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AKVIS SmartMask 3.0

AKVIS Announces Two Updates! Decorator 2.0 and SmartMask 3.0.

Working with the Plugin V. These instructions were written for the old version of SmartMask. See the tutorial for current version here. Step 1. Open an image in your photo editor. Step 2. Copy the image to a new layer Duplicate Layer. Or just unlock the layer Layer From Background. Step 3. The plugin will open with the image loaded into the workspace. Step 4. Depending on the kind of edges the object has, you can choose between three processing modes Sharp, Soft and Complex by clicking on the corresponding tab in the Settings Panel.

By default the plugin uses the Sharp mode. Sharp mode. This mode is ideal for images with a good contrast level and for objects with sharp edges buildings, clothes, machines Soft mode.

This mode is good for selecting objects with not clearly defined edges hair, fluff, fur Complex mode. This mode is especially good for selecting complex objects – transparent or glass objects, objects that have the same color range as the background trees, dishware, soap bubble For some images it is enough to use only one mode, for others you may need to use all three modes.

You can start working in any of these three modes, but to achieve a good result it is advisable to work sequentially for example, if you start working in the Complex mode and then try to switch to one of the preceding tabs, the changes will be cancelled and the image will be processed with the settings of the current tab.

Step 5. Cut out the required object in accordance with the instructions for the chosen mode. Step 6. Before you apply the result and close the plugin, you can save the mask the drawn strokes, color areas, and the settings into a separate file. For this purpose, just click on. In the future you will be able to load the mask from the file with the button and edit it. Step 7. Click on to apply the result and close the plugin. The selected object will appear in the workspace of your photo editor.

You can watch a flash movie demonstrating the technique of using the plugin in all its three modes: Click here flash-movie, 6,8 Mb SmartMask v.

A photo editing tool which will help you save precious time on complex selections

AKVIS SmartMask is an efficient selection tool that saves time and is fun to use. Selection has never been so simple! The software considerably increases your. Working with the Plugin V Follow these instructions to cut out an object using AKVIS SmartMask v Note: These instructions were written for the old. AKVIS has updated two programs: Decorator , and SmartMask Compatibility has been improved with the latest versions of Windows 7.


Working with the Plugin V. These instructions were written for the old version of SmartMask. See the tutorial for current version here. Step 1.

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Decorator 2. AKVIS is glad to announce the update of two plug-ins: These plug-ins were designed with both the amateur and professional in mind.

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AKVIS SmartMask is a program developed by AKVIS. The most used version is , with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. AKVIS Retoucher AKVIS Sketch AKVIS SmartMask AKVIS Watercolor Attention! All AKVIS plugins are called from the Filters. AKVIS SmartMask update history. version history. AKVIS SmartMask has been updated 3 times over the past 12 months Jul 15, [no details.

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