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She was vibrant, smiling the entire time and answered all of my questions. Thanks for the great customer service! My whole family has been seeing Dr. Liaw at Agave Eye Care for many many years.
Agaue Eye 0.61

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She was vibrant, smiling the entire time and answered all of my questions. Thanks for the great customer service! My whole family has been seeing Dr. Liaw at Agave Eye Care for many many years. She treats us like family and I am always amazed how well she remembers details of my prior visit. Liaw is very relaxed, knowledgeable, trustworthy and thorough. She immediately saw me when I detached my retina then personally called the doctor she referred me to for surgery.

She provides as many follow up visits as needed at no cost to make sure you have received what is best for you whether that be contacts or medical care for your eyes. I highly recommend this practice. I’ve been going here for nearly 7 years and have never had an issue. They are quick to schedule appointments, super easy to work with, convenient all around and always happy to help and answer any questions. Thank you for everything Agave! After staying at my previous Optometrist Office ,which has a 2 month wait time for appointment, for 8 years , I switched to a store Optometrist.

But the quality of their frames were less than I expected, or should I say meeting my expectations, since the price was lower.

The office with 2 month wait , in my experience, is only due to their prime location. Being a mom of a household of 4 that needs eye health care for all 4 of us, I decided to do a careful research this time before settling down on the right one. Luckily, I found this little office tucked away behind several offices building in shopping plaza right next to my house. I first tried it myself instead of bringing the whole family. Dr Nancy was able to give me a pair of computer glasses which was exactly what I needed.

She was very patient in explaining all the options. The frames are in good quality name brand and price is reasonable. Today I brought my two girls in and she spent so much time with them and explaining the options and how to practice putting on contact lens. I feel so lucky. I didn’t notice this place because there was no sign from the street and I found it by the map.

Next, I will bring my husband. Thank you Dr Nancy! I needed to schedule a last minute appointment on a Saturday. After calling numerous offices with no luck, Agave was able to get us in with no problems.

They were extremely friendly and visiting their office was a great experience. Most impressive, for me, is their eyewear selection. High end eye glasses and sunglasses. I will absolutely be recommending this office as the go to place for eyewear selection. I have been a patient of Dr. Liaw for several years now. I have always been very pleased with her expertise and my treatment at her practice. I have pretty bad astigmatism, and the older I get, the more challenging it becomes to find just the right multifocal lenses that work for me.

She is very thorough and patient as well; she is always more than willing to order samples and do follow-ups to make sure I get the best vision possible. Her rates are also very reasonable and she has always been very forthright with costs and procedures she recommends. It couldn’t be any easier to get good vision care here! I decided to come to Agave Eye Care because I needed a quick appointment and my Eye Care provider could not get me in right away.

I got in very quickly called at I had lots of appointment times to choose from calling the same morning. When I arrived, I was met by a woman, who I believed worked at the front desk.

I was given a packet of standard insurance forms and medical history to fill out. As I was finishing my paperwork, the last page had options for “add on services” for retinal digital scanning and a computerized field of vision test.

I have heard that the retinal scan is usually an add on at most eye care providers. But I was taken aback by the charge for a computerized field of vision test. I waited a few minutes for the woman to return to the front. I waited and she returned to the front after eating. I questioned the field of vision test and realized that my normal provider did the same exact test without charging the nominal fee.

When questioning why there was a charge, I was quickly dismissed telling me that I could simply decline the service. Let me tell you, my main reason for the appointment was to have this field of vision test. She again laughed at my questioning and said,” if you had your own office, you would be charging, too! At this point and realizing she was the optometrist and only person working in the whole office, I told her I did not want to continue my appointment.

I left and scheduled an appointment where they do not charge for standard tests. I am leaving this review because it is important to be aware of these additional charges before scheduling at Agave Eye Care. It made sense to me why there were so many appointments available and it was completely empty. I wish her luck because she is going to need it!

Love love love Dr. Liaw and her office staff! I really feel Dr. Liaw and Joyce are engaged and paying attention to details with their clients. As there were changes in my prescription and The Mr. Liaw and Nancy were incredible in assisting us to arrive at the most cost efficient solution That’s the quality of service that I appreciate and value.

Additionally, I’m pretty impressed with myself that after two years I’ve yet to lose or break my prescription sunglasses! On two occasions, the screw on one of the arms of my designer shades kept coming loose and threatening to make a break for it. On each occasion, I was able to call ahead and stop by to have the screw replaced and arm tightened; Never any pressure to replace the frames nor did they attempt to take advantage of the opportunity to ‘up-sell’.

Nancy Liaw is fabulous! I have been going to see her for over 2 years. Her office has a great selection of frames. Her eye exams are very thorough and she takes her time answering questions and explaining each test and results. She has a very sweet demeanor and always has a smile on her face. I appreciate the individual attention she gives. It is very refreshing! I have been going to this office for 2 years now.

Dr Liaw is awesome!!!! She has a special touch when she is examing children. She and her staff took extra special care of m,y Charlie when he came in for his exam and had to pick out glasses. They took time to explain my eye insurance coverage. Dr Liaw is very personal and hands on. Love her!!!!! This is the second year that I’ve taken my daughter to Dr.

Liaw’s office for a vision exam. She was great the first year; this year, the visit was incredible. Vision exams are scary for younger kids with the strange machinery and their somewhat invasive nature, but Dr.

Liaw helped ease my daughter’s anxiety, making for an efficient, productive, and overall pleasant exam. She was very friendly and gave easy to understand instructions, adapting her instructions as needed. A note: I chose Dr. Liaw frequently answers the phone, responds to emails promptly, and remembers our family – from our visit a year ago! I felt it was a better fit for our family because of its more “homey” feel, versus the institutional impersonal approach of some of the national chains.

Our insurance is contracted with Nationwide Vision only; however, I will continue to choose Agave Eye Care for vision exams for my children. I would highly recommend Dr. Liaw and Agave Eye Care for children and individuals with special needs. She is approachable, flexible, and takes the time to listen and adjust as needed – a fantastic doctor. Liaw is very thorough with her exam. She is caring and efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone to her.

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