[Idea For PA.com Site] Ratings

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Learn more about creating your Ecommerce store on Pixpa. Check out some of the best ecommerce websites built on Pixpa. Make sure your website is mobile friendly Make sure your ecommerce store theme is mobile friendly. Easy navigation and search Tech-savvy shoppers are always looking for advanced search and easy navigation to find the products they are looking for quickly.
[Idea for PA.com site] Ratings

Complete Judicial Candidate Ratings from the PA Bar Association

Learn more about creating your Ecommerce store on Pixpa. Check out some of the best ecommerce websites built on Pixpa.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly Make sure your ecommerce store theme is mobile friendly. Easy navigation and search Tech-savvy shoppers are always looking for advanced search and easy navigation to find the products they are looking for quickly. Make your products easy to find through intuitive and simple navigation and search function. Making it easy for shoppers to reach their goal of product purchase can make you can win them forever.

If you have a large store, offering suggestive search, autocomplete search, faceted or filtered search, and other advanced search features can help customers find what they are looking for. Product presentation is the most crucial step to engaging visitors on an e-commerce store. High-quality product images that can reveal all product details help users see all facets of the product and make up their mind.

Great product images enable shoppers to ensure that the product they are purchasing will match expectations, hence reducing the chance of returns and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Great looking product images also go a long way in building your brand and create customer trust in your brand. Add detailed product descriptions Apart from the excellent product images, detailed product descriptions help shoppers to make buying decisions faster. In the case of incomplete or no product description, you run the risk of losing customers. Your product descriptions do need to be factual but should go beyond and persuade the customers to purchase the product. Create awesome content Great content always wins over the target audience and leads to high conversion for e-commerce.

The starting point of writing great content is to identify, research and pinpoint the demographics of your target audience. So how does this help? She sees your article and clicks through to read more, there she sees a few handbags and goes on to discover more. Adding videos and infographics adds an extra edge to your content. Optimise your ecommerce website for search engines Search engine optimization should be a crucial pillar of your e-commerce marketing plan.

After all organic search traffic coming in through search engines delivers the highest ROI as an e-commerce marketing channel. Search Engine Optimisation is all about: On-site optimization: Optimising your website content, metadata, and alt-tags based on keyword research.

Off-page optimization: This is all about building backlinks to your website by publishing your content on their websites, blogs, and social media networks. Articles, blogs, guest blogs, how-to infographics, work as the best form of content to build backlinks to drive traffic. What is keyword research? Keyword research is to find out the most relevant keywords to target by doing competition research and using tools like Google Keyword Planner and others to analyze the search volume data of your niche.

Start a blog to promote your online store I bet you would give anything to just have your online store on the first page of Google. Having a blog can help immensely in promoting your online store.

To make the most of your blog, you would need to publish original, engaging content on your blog regularly. However, merely writing blog posts and relying on Google to index your blog might not be helpful.

The possibility that your blog post ranks on the first page of Google as soon as you publish it is very low. Sadly, it also means that you would get zero to negligible traffic on your store. What you can do instead is promote your blog that sends direct traffic to your store. How to promote a blog to increase traffic to your online store: Tag the people you have referred to in your blog while you share your blog on social media.

The odds of people sharing an article in which they are tagged is notably high. Share your blog in online communities specific to your industry: This helps to grow your influence as well as drive sales for your store.

Email your existing customers about it: The number of people who engage in your blog gives Google a signal that strengthens the blog rank in SERPs. Write guest posts on popular websites in your industry: There are two benefits to it. First, you get a link to your store that bolsters its rank on search engines, and second, you get to reach a broader audience.

Leverage social media Social media networks can act as a golden corridor for your ecommerce store to acquire targeted customers. The big question is – Where to invest your effort and how to target your audience. More and more shoppers are using social media platforms to discover products and to get and share honest feedback, making these platforms an ideal platform to reach out to your potential customers. However, different social media networks offer different opportunities and need specific marketing strategies to get your marketing message across and generate traffic to your store.

For instance, Facebook is great to tell stories, seed quirky and fun content which gets shared and liked by people and leverage viral marketing techniques. For a brand with highly visual, premium products for example, in fashion, decor, or design Instagram and Pinterest provide a better platform for engaging users with visually stunning imagery. For DIY products, make product videos viral or train customers to use the product, YouTube is a great platform.

For tapping into current trends and reaching out to an actively engaged audience, Twitter scores highly. Therefore, learning how to use different channels for organic marketing as well as paid marketing campaigns are required to develop appropriate strategies for SMO and SMM for your e-commerce storefront. Make sure that you integrate social media sharing tools in your website to enable your site visitors to share content.

Also, have prominent links to your social media profiles on your website so that people can follow you. Pixpa lets to embed your Instagram feed on your website easily. Use emails to promote your online store Email marketing forms the backbone of customer communications for most online stores and is one of the best online store promotion ideas.

In addition to informing customers about their placed orders, they can be used creatively to market your online store. So how to use email marketing tools for your online store? Promotional emails are an easy way to engage, and keep customers coming back to your store. Festivals are an important time when people like to shop, throwing in discounts and special festival offers for your customers encourages them to shop more. Christmas, St. Check out this guide on how to automate the process of sending email newsletters to your customers.

Win back the abandoned cart customers Not all the traffic that your online store gets goes on to make a purchase. There are a number of reasons that can lead a visitor to abandon their cart. Reach out to these potential customers proactively using personalized emails that nudge them to complete their abandoned sale.

Provide their abandoned cart contents to them in thermal to establish context and throw in a discount offer to persuade them to return and complete the purchase. You can also retarget these customers using Facebook retargeting and other such tools.

Include customer names in all your store emails. Add a human touch to your communications by sending emails as a real person would. If you are a small boutique store, personalization can even mean sending handwritten thank you card with every order. Enable easy checkout Checkout makes or breaks e-commerce so be careful while designing your ecommerce store checkout flow. Checkout processes can get complicated and involve several steps such as collecting mailing address, shipping or delivery address, payment related vital info including bank information or card info, invoice preparation, incentive deductions, newsletter delivery info, and finally account creation for loyalty programs.

Ideally, you should aim to have the simplest checkout possible to your customers. If you do have a multi-step checkout process, displaying checkout progress with visual clues can inform shoppers on how many steps remain to accomplish the entire process. Offer referral discounts Referral discounts are the classic marketing tactics to promote your online store, especially to reach new customers.

When a friend invited you to use Uber to book a ride, they got discounted rides as soon as you booked a ride on Uber. You can offer similar discounts to your customers on their purchase as soon as their referrals purchase on your store. Emails are a great way to put this to work, just use any tool to send your customers an email asking them to refer their friends and the reward they would get in return.

Offer free shipping There are plenty of studies that prove that online shoppers are four times more likely to buy if the online store offers free shipping. Conversely, a big number of shoppers go to checkout pages, and when they find shipping charges added at the last stage at the time of payment, they abandon the cart and go to competitors site where everything is defined.

If you cannot offer free shipping, make sure that there is no ambiguity in how you are calculating the shipping charges. If possible, subsidize the shipping costs from your product pricing.

Offering flat rates or discounts on shipping on higher order values are also good ideas that you should consider. Make it easy for your customers to track their orders Customers are always eager to know that when they would receive their ordered items. Once a customer pays for the product on an e-commerce store, she is eagerly waiting for her shipment to arrive.

Enabling your customers to track their orders easily by sending proactive notifications about the status of their order is an excellent way of reducing the order delivery anxieties. Most shipping providers now have automated platforms that can inform your customers of their order status. Pick a shipping provider after reviewing how they handle order shipping and delivery updates. User-Generated Content is Gold Shoppers tend to trust the feedback and reviews of existing customers and their experiences, so ratings and reviews matter more for any e-commerce business.

For ecommerce stores, user-generated content such as product reviews, ratings, and comments can generate trust and increase sales. Make sure you integrate tools for ratings, reviews, and comments on your ecommerce website with valid authentication system for the real users.

Using automated emails to get feedback after a product has been delivered to a customer should be an essential part of your communications strategy. Using affiliate marketing The first thing you might want to know is who are affiliates and how can they help you promote your online store? Affiliates are promoters of your product who earn commission on every sale that you make from the customers referred by them. These can be influential bloggers with a huge readership or just a regular person with a large social media following like most Instagram influencers.

For online stores, affiliate marketing can prove to be just as much profitable as these retail giants.

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We have created a report for each site we rated, so users can have a better idea of how we arrived at the rankings. A comparison among the sites is also. His NRA rating is solid, though half a grade shy of being fodder for campaign literature. . Murphy has no idea what people in western pa do with guns or how . PA-Gov: Wolf Rated Most Liberal Governor in U.S. Of course, Wolf’s short tenure may have contributed to his rating. July 31st, | Posted in Front Page Stories, Governor, Top Stories | 10 Comments For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people buy into the idea that elected officials who are working to help the.

NRA Grades & Endorsements: PA Rundown

Plus state House and Senate races. Their membership comprises many devout, single-issue voters. Each of those members will receive an orange postcard with the names of endorsed candidates, more valuable to a campaign than any other mail piece. The grades work as letter grades in school. You can see the full list here.

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With it, less professional customers also can do intuitive and short compositions due to its smooth and easy user interface.

You can do a lot of editing together with your pix. With this tremendous tool, you may make a beautiful and impressive effect on your images, websites, trademarks, and many others.

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of your time. Here are 10 cost-cutting suggestions for lowering your auto insurance costs. Tip: Be sure to check the financial ratings of carriers. Check them. Jul 31, PA-Gov: Wolf Rated Most Liberal Governor in U.S. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people buy into the idea that elected officials who. IDEA services and resources for current clients using Student Ratings of Instruction, Feedback for Administrator and Feedback for Chairs, Academic Advising.

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